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ATCPD opened in the fall of 2004 by Tom Vasiliades. Its mission is to make the Alexander Technique available to the general public. Since the Technique can be beneficial to anyone that studies it, we reach out to communities and people who are unfamiliar to the work offering lessons, introductory classes and workshops. We are aware that the going rate for studying the Technique is not affordable to people with lower incomes and attempt to make the work affordable to those who are interested.

By using the word performance, we are not limiting it to acting, singing, dancing, playing music or other performing arts. But, rather, the process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function. The Technique is a method for the activity of living.

“The idea of taking the control of the use of the mechanisms of the human creature from the instinctive on to the conscious plane has already been justified by the results which have been obtained by applying it in practice, but it may be many years before its true significance as a factor in human development is fully recognized.”
F. M. Alexander

By development, we mean to develop beyond our habitual use of ourselves.