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Individual Lessons

The most effective way of learning the Technique is by taking individual lessons. The teacher with gentle and firm hands-on guidance helps bring about a new sensory experience for the student 

The Alexander Technique helps people become aware of unconscious patterns and habits that interfere with one's functioning. You will be introduced to and learn the principles of the Alexander Technique and how to practice them in life.  The Technique benefits people with chronic pain and respiratory issues like asthma and emphysema. Performers have used this innovative method to improve breathing and vocal production, to have more freedom in movement and to enhance performance. Others have found it to reduce stress and to be helpful with personal growth and development. 

F. M. Alexander, the Technique's founder, would have students take an intensive series of lessons -- 30 lessons over six weeks. This consistent, concentrated immersion in the work is even better than taking weekly lessons.

Students having nearly daily work with a teacher helps bring about profound changes. This will give you a solid, deep understanding and practice of the Technique that can have transformational benefits in your life.

We are offering different packages for individual lessons. ​For more information or to reserve a series of lessons email: or call: (212) 564-5472.

​Check back for information on introductory classes.